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Vol 108, No 11/12 (2012) How much time does it take to supervise a PhD student? Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Brenda Wingfield
Vol 108, No 9/10 (2012) The centrality of the language question in post-apartheid South Africa: Revisiting a perennial issue Details   PDF   EPUB   HTML   XML
Neville Alexander
Vol 108, No 9/10 (2012) Too many actions, too few priorities: Commentary on the ministerial review of the STI landscape Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
David Walwyn, Rob Hagendijk
Vol 108, No 9/10 (2012) Quantifying South Africa’s carbon storage potential using geophysics Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
David Khoza
Vol 108, No 9/10 (2012) Twenty years since the Rio Earth Summit – and now what? Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Jessica Wilson
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) The sustainable use approach could save South Africa’s rhinos Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Brian Child
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) The state of innovation in South Africa: Findings from the South African National Innovation Survey Details   HTML   EPUB   XML   PDF
Cheryl Moses, Moses M. Sithole, William Blankley, Demetre Labadarios, Hlamulo Makelane, Nolitha Nkobole
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) Success in first-year mathematics: School-leaving examinations and first-year performance Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
C. Robert Dennis, Daniël M. Murray
Vol 108, No 3/4 (2012) Funding drought hits experimentally based South African researchers and their graduate students Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Nicola Illing
Vol 108, No 3/4 (2012) National Senior Certificate results belie conceptual and skill limitations of school-leavers Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Jonathan Jansen
Vol 108, No 3/4 (2012) Investigation of a credible report by a US Marine on the location of the missing Peking Man fossils Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Lee R. Berger, Wu Liu, Xiujie Wu
Vol 108, No 1/2 (2012) The diplomats fiddle while Africa burns Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Jessica Wilson
Vol 108, No 1/2 (2012) Traversing the global oil summit (aka Hubbert’s Peak) Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Chris J.H. Hartnady
Vol 108, No 1/2 (2012) Potential technological spin-offs from MeerKAT and the South African Square Kilometre Array bid Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
David B. Davidson
Vol 107, No 11/12 (2011) A century of infrastructure service delivery Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Kevin Wall
Vol 107, No 11/12 (2011) The Humanities and Social Sciences in SA: Crisis or cause for concern? Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Johann Mouton
Vol 107, No 11/12 (2011) Can we improve postgraduate degree throughput rates? Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Brenda Wingfield
Vol 107, No 9/10 (2011) Juggling the demands of a career and motherhood: Perspectives of an academic in science Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Brenda Wingfield
Vol 107, No 9/10 (2011) Challenges of reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) on the African continent Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Rudzani A. Makhado, Amani T. Saidi, Brian K. Mantlana, Mujasi D. Mwayafu
Vol 107, No 9/10 (2011) How effective and safe is Bt-maize in South Africa? Details   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Karl J. Kunert
Vol 107, No 7/8 (2011) The great shale debate in the Karoo Details   HTML   EPUB   XML   PDF
Maarten J. de Wit
Vol 107, No 5/6 (2011) The impact of acid mine drainage in South Africa Details   HTML   XML   PDF
Terence S. McCarthy
Vol 107, No 5/6 (2011) Not all seafood is equal Details   PDF   HTML   XML
Janine Basson
Vol 107, No 3/4 (2011) The new growth path: Game changing vision or cop-out? Details   PDF   HTML   XML
Nicoli Nattrass
Vol 107, No 3/4 (2011) The Red List of South African plants – A global first Details   PDF   HTML   XML
Domitilla Raimondo
Vol 107, No 1/2 (2011) Innovation in South Africa – The role of the Technological Innovation Agency Details   PDF   HTML   XML
Arnold van Zyl
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Balancing science and politics in South African marine biology Details   HTML   XML   PDF
Christopher D. McQuaid
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Concerted intervention needed to escalate PhD numbers: A comment Details   PDF   HTML   XML
Musa C. Mlambo
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment process is reviewed Details   PDF   HTML   XML
Roseanne Diab
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Building a knowledge economy in South Africa Details   HTML   XML   PDF
William O. Blankley, Irma Booyens
Vol 106, No 9/10 (2010) Who takes responsibility for the ‘Reitz four’? Puzzling our way through higher education transformation in South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Crain Soudien
Vol 106, No 3/4 (2010) The colonial legacy in African plant taxonomy Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Estrela Figueiredo, Gideon F. Smith
Vol 106, No 3/4 (2010) Assessing the hunting practices of Namibia’s commercial seal hunt Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Stephen P. Kirkman, David M. Lavigne
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) No Deal at Copenhagen Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Jessica Wilson
Vol 105, No 11/12 (2009) Charles Darwin at the Cape: notes on his sociological observations Abstract   PDF
Wilmot James
Vol 105, No 9/10 (2009) A change of the seaward boundary of Goukamma Marine Protected Area could increase conservation and fishery benefits Abstract   PDF
Albrecht Götz, Sven E. Kerwath, Colin G. Attwood, Warwick H.H. Sauer
Vol 105, No 9/10 (2009) South Africa’s gold production and reserves Abstract   PDF
C.J.H. Hartnady
Vol 105, No 9/10 (2009) Universities in a time of change Abstract   PDF
Nithaya Chetty
Vol 105, No 5/6 (2009) Food production needs fuel too: perspectives on the impact of biofuels in southern Africa Abstract   PDF
E. Chakauya, G. Beyene, R. K. Chikwamba
Vol 105, No 5/6 (2009) How many scientists does South Africa need? Abstract   PDF
S. George Philander
Vol 105, No 3/4 (2009) Will the real custodian of natural resource management please stand up Abstract   PDF
Charlie M. Shackleton
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