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Vol 108, No 11/12 (2012) Evidence of a therapsid scavenger in the Late Permian Karoo Basin, South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML   EPUB
Nicholas Fordyce, Roger Smith, Anusuya Chinsamy
Vol 108, No 9/10 (2012) Oldest ‘earthquake’ in South Africa (Robben Island, 07 April 1620) discredited Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Sharad Master
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) Number One Reef: An overstepped segmented lagoon complex on the KwaZulu-Natal continental shelf Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Andrew Green, Rio Leuci, Zane Thackeray, Godfrey Vella
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) Modern beachrock formation in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Hayley Cawthra, Ron Uken
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) Fumigant activity of Elsholtzia stauntonii extract against Lasioderma serricorne Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Jian-Hua Lü, Xin-Hong Su, Jian-Jun Zhong
Vol 108, No 7/8 (2012) A first record of biological soil crusts in the Cape Floristic Region Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Denise M. Mager, Cang Hui
Vol 108, No 5/6 (2012) Detection and eradication of Spongospora subterranea in mini-tuber production tunnels Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Jessica Wright, Alison K. Lees, Jacquie E. van der Waals
Vol 108, No 3/4 (2012) Waterford Formation in the south-eastern Karoo: Implications for basin development Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Bruce S. Rubidge, P. John Hancox, Richard Mason
Vol 108, No 1/2 (2012) Five Ochna species have high antibacterial activity and more than ten antibacterial compounds Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Tshepiso J. Makhafola, Jacobus N. Eloff
Vol 108, No 1/2 (2012) On the discontinuous nature of the Mozambique Current Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Johann R.E. Lutjeharms, Arne Biastoch, Petra M. van der Werf, Herman Ridderinkhof, Wilhelmus P.M. de Ruijter
Vol 107, No 11/12 (2011) 3D techniques and fossil identification: An elephant shrew hemi-mandible from the Malapa site Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Aurore Val, Kristian J. Carlson, Christine Steininger, Job M. Kibii, Cecil Churms, Brian F. Kuhn, Lee R. Berger
Vol 107, No 11/12 (2011) Springtail diversity in South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Charlene Janion, Anne Bedos, Jan Bengtsson, Louis Deharveng, Bettine Jansen van Vuuren, Hans Petter Leinaas, Amy Liu, Anna Malmström, David Porco, Steven L. Chown
Vol 107, No 11/12 (2011) Molecular phylogeny of Duvenhage virus Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Charmaine van Eeden, Wanda Markotter, Louis H. Nel
Vol 107, No 9/10 (2011) Effects of internal heat generation, thermal radiation and buoyancy force on a boundary layer over a vertical plate with a convective surface boundary condition Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Philip O. Olanrewaju, Jacob A. Gbadeyan, Tasawar Hayat, Awatif A. Hendi
Vol 107, No 7/8 (2011) Examination of the Florisbad microvertebrates Abstract   PDF   HTML   EPUB   XML
Patrick J. Lewis, James S. Brink, Alicia M. Kennedy, Timothy L. Campbell
Vol 107, No 5/6 (2011) DNH 109: A fragmentary hominin near-proximal ulna from Drimolen, South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Andrew Gallagher, Colin G. Menter
Vol 107, No 5/6 (2011) Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial profiles of Scilla nervosa (Burch.) Jessop (Hyacinthaceae) Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Karen du Toit, Audrey Kweyama, Johannes Bodenstein
Vol 107, No 1/2 (2011) Pathologies in the Early Pliocene phocid seals from Langebaanweg, South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Romala Govender, Graham Avery, Anusuya Chinsamy
Vol 107, No 1/2 (2011) Cosmic ray propagation in a fractal galactic medium Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Hamid A. Kermani, Jalileldin Fatemi
Vol 107, No 1/2 (2011) The endothelin system in breast tumour–endothelial cell interactions Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Tasnim Badat, Julia Botha, Strinivasen Naidoo
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) The influence of deposition temperature on vanadium dioxide thin films microstructure and physical properties Abstract   HTML   XML   PDF
Velaphi Msomi, Oaisin Nemraoui
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Hybrid wildebeest (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) provide further evidence for shared signatures of admixture in mammalian crania Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Rebecca R. Ackermann, James S. Brink, Savvas Vrahimis, Bonita de Klerk
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Characterisation of Shigella species isolated from river catchments in the North West province of South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Constance Wose Kinge, Moses Mbewe
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Turbidity removal: Gravel and charcoal as roughing filtration media Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Onyeka I. Nkwonta, Olufisayo A. Olufayo, George M. Ochieng, Josiah A. Adeyemo, Fred A.O. Otieno
Vol 106, No 11/12 (2010) Comparative analysis of some search engines Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Joseph Edosomwan, Taiwo O. Edosomwan
Vol 106, No 7/8 (2010) Optimisation of automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis for the estimation of microbial diversity in fynbos soil Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Etienne Slabbert, Carel J. van Heerden, Karin Jacobs
Vol 106, No 7/8 (2010) The sex profile of skeletal remains from a cemetery of Chinese indentured labourers in South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Victoria E. Gibbon, Goran Štrkalj, Maria Paximadis, Paul Ruff, Clem Penny
Vol 106, No 7/8 (2010) Mesoporous ethanesilica materials with bimodal and trimodal pore-size distributions synthesised in the presence of cobalt ions Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Neil J. Coville, Alufelwi M. Tshavhungwe
Vol 106, No 7/8 (2010) The use of a genetic algorithm in optical thin film design and optimisation Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Efrem K. Ejigu, Beartys M. Lacquet
Vol 106, No 7/8 (2010) The effect of certain N-tritylated phenylalanine conjugates of amino-adenosine-3’,5’-cyclic monophosphate on Moloney murine leukaemia virus reverse transcriptase activity Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Johann M. van Zyl, Mario Ariatti, Arthur O. Hawtrey
Vol 106, No 5/6 (2010) Land-cover classification with an expert classification algorithm using digital aerial photographs Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Alberto J. Perea, José E. Meroño, María J. Aguilera, José L. de la Cruz
Vol 106, No 5/6 (2010) Competence of Science Foundation students in some simple strategies for problem solving Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Mailoo Selvaratnam, Nkosana Mavuso
Vol 106, No 5/6 (2010) Creation of a high-yielding recombinant maize hybrid for the production of a microbicide to prevent HIV-1 transmission Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Eugenia Barros, Sydney W. Nelson
Vol 106, No 5/6 (2010) Microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition growth of carbon nanostructures Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Shivan R. Singh, A.L. Leigh Jarvis
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) Apoptosis-promoting effects of Sutherlandia frutescens extracts on normal human lymphocytes in vitro Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Vanessa C. Korb, Devapregasan Moodley, Anil A. Chuturgoon
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) Competence of Science Foundation students in basic intellectual skills Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Mailoo Selvaratnam, Nkosana Mavuso
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) Antibiotic resistance profiles of Escherichia coli isolated from different water sources in the Mmabatho locality, Northwest Province, South Africa Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Constance N. Wose Kinge, C. Njie Ateba, D. Tonderai Kawadza
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) Characterisation of the arsenic resistance genes in Bacillus sp. UWC isolated from maturing fly ash acid mine drainage neutralised solids Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Wicleffe Musingarimi, Marla Tuffin, Donald Cowan
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) Forecasting electricity demand in South Africa: A critique of Eskom’s projections Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Roula Inglesi, Anastassios Pouris
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) One or two species? A morphometric comparison between robust australopithecines from Kromdraai and Swartkrans Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Zachary Cofran, J. Francis Thackeray
Vol 106, No 1/2 (2010) The effects of Sutherlandia frutescens extracts in cultured renal proximal and distal tubule epithelial cells Abstract   PDF   HTML   XML
Alisa Phulukdaree, Devapregasan Moodley, Anil A. Chuturgoon
Vol 105, No 11/12 (2009) Chimpanzee subspecies and ‘robust’ australopithecine holotypes, in the context of comments by Darwin Abstract   PDF
J. F. Thackeray, S. Prat
Vol 105, No 11/12 (2009) Were Malagasy Uncarina fruits dispersed by the extinct elephant bird? Abstract   PDF
J. J. Midgley, N. Illing
Vol 105, No 11/12 (2009) Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial profiles of selected compounds found in South African propolis Abstract   PDF
K. Du Toit, S. Buthelezi, J. Bodenstein
Vol 105, No 11/12 (2009) Facial-based ethnic recognition: insights from two closely related but ethnically distinct groups Abstract   PDF
V. Coetzee, J. M. Greeff, L. Barrett, S. P. Henzi
Vol 105, No 9/10 (2009) Is there evidence for a Congo peafowl (Afropavo congensis) in the Middle Stone Age of South Africa? – Comments on Stidham (2008) Abstract   PDF
A. Manegold, A. Louchart
Vol 105, No 9/10 (2009) The applicability of existing topside ionospheric models to the South African region Abstract   PDF
P. Sibanda, L.A. McKinnell
Vol 105, No 5/6 (2009) Spatial correlation between lightning strikes and whistler observations from Tihany, Hungary Abstract   PDF
J. Öster, A. B. Collier, A. R.W. Hughes, L. G. Blomberg, J. Lichtenberger
Vol 105, No 5/6 (2009) Zuckerman versus Marais: a primatological collision Abstract   PDF
A. G. Morris
Vol 105, No 5/6 (2009) Contemporary spatio-temporal patterns of snow cover over the Drakensberg Abstract   PDF
N. Mulder, S. W. Grab
Vol 105, No 5/6 (2009) Evidence for opal phytolith preservation in the Langebaanweg ‘E’ Quarry Varswater Formation and its potential for palaeohabitat reconstruction Abstract   PDF
L. Rossouw, D. D. Stynder, P. Haarhof
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Biological survey of the Prince Edward Islands, December 2008 Abstract   PDF
J. Cooper, M.N. Bester, S.L. Chown, R.J.M. Crawford, R. Daly, E. Heyns, T. Lamont, P.G. Ryan, J.D. Shaw
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) An assessment of the likely impact of strain-related phenotypic plasticity on hominin fossil species identification Abstract   PDF
M. Collard, S.J. Lycett
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Circular dichroism as a means to follow DNA gymnastics: on the shoulders of giants Abstract   PDF
M. Mills, C. Lin, M. Chauhan, H.H. Klump
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Synthesis and study of carbon microspheres for use as catalyst support for cobalt Abstract   PDF
S.D. Mhlanga, K.C. Mondal, N. Naidoo, M.J. Witcomb, N.J. Coville
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Photocatalytic degradation of methyl red dye Abstract   PDF
M.A. Mahmoud, A. Poncheri, Y. Badr, M.G. Abd El Wahed
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Numerical solution of multiband k.p model for tunnelling in type-II heterostructures Abstract   PDF
A.E. Botha
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon thin films using the increase of the deposition pressure in the hot-wire chemical vapour deposition technique Abstract   PDF
S. Halindintwali, D. Knoesen, R. Swanepoel, B.A. Julies, C. Arendse, T. Muller, C.C. Theron, A. Gordijn, P.C.P. Bronsveld, J.K. Rath, R.E.I. Schropp
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Applicability of analytical protocols for the characterisation of carbon-supported platinum group metal fuel cell electrocatalysts Abstract   PDF
M. Williams, L. Khotseng, Q. Naidoo, L. Petrik, A. Nechaev, V. Linkov
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Second harmonic generation as a technique to probe buried interfaces Abstract   PDF
P.H. Neethling, T. T. Scheidt, E.G. Rohwer, H.M. von Bergmann, H. Stafast
Vol 105, No 3/4 (2009) Nutritional and phytochemical evaluation of cultivated Psathyrella atroumbonata Pegler, a Nigerian edible mushroom Abstract   PDF
S. M. Ayodele, J. A. Okhuoya
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Continuous production of carbon nanotubes and diamond films by swirled floating catalyst chemical vapour deposition method Abstract   PDF
A.S. Afolabi, A.S. Abdulkareem, S.E. Iyuke, H.C. van Zyl Pienaar
Vol 105, No 3/4 (2009) A lovebird (Psittaciformes: Agapornis) from the Plio-Pleistocene Kromdraai B locality, South Africa Abstract   PDF
T. A. Stidham
Vol 105, No 7/8 (2009) Flat-topped emission centred at 1 250 nm from quantum dot superluminescent diodes Abstract   PDF
D. Childs, K.M. Groom, S.K. Ray, H.Y. Liu, M. Hopkinson, R.A. Hogg
Vol 105, No 3/4 (2009) Potential sites for suitable coelacanth habitat using bathymetric data from the western Indian Ocean Abstract   PDF   Appendix
A. Green, R. Uken, P. Ramsay, R. Leuci, S. Perritt
Vol 105, No 3/4 (2009) Traditional herbal medicines: potential degradation of sterols and sterolins by microbial contaminants Abstract   PDF
D. du Plessis-Stoman, T. G. Downing, M. van de Venter, S. Govender
Vol 105, No 1/2 (2009) The structural characterisation of HWCVD-deposited nanocrystalline silicon films Abstract   PDF
Bibhu P. Swain
Vol 105, No 1/2 (2009) Preference for dry sex, condom use and risk of STI among HIV-negative black women in the Western Cape province, South Africa Abstract   PDF
Priscilla Reddy, Dorina Saleh-Onoya, Sibusiso Sifunda, Delia Lang, Gina Wingood, Bart van den Borne, Robert Ruiter
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